Saturday, January 27, 2007

Labourers are coming to England - we need more space!!

Just one week into our new term, YWAM Nashville sent a DTS team of 21 students and staff for two weeks to minister in England. While staying at TKL they did a lot of schools work including after school clubs and lessons in a secondary school on "cultures". They were able to share about their faith in terms of how Christ has affected their lives and tell of their experiences as Christians. Working in an inner-city school in Birmingham, they saw fruit that has come after years of planting - 13 young people became Christians that week!

Every corner of space was filled here at the Lodge. With our 56 students (including their families) and the extra 21, and all of us who work here with our families, we had about 150 people on site. That's a lot of people!!!

Our meeting room last Monday night was packed as we worshipped together, reminding us of the importance of increasing our space for a larger meeting hall. Meetings with the architect and highways agency are underway; issues of planning permission are sticky as our entrance is onto a major road and there is resistance to increased traffic. It is a big point of prayer for us right now and we'd value yours, too.

A donor has offered matched funding up to £200,000 – thank you, God! If you would like to know more about this project, contact Phil and he can answer you questions.

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It's snowing!!!

For the past month Colorado has been covered in snow ... a lot of snow.

Wednesday we in Nuneaton had snow too! OK, it only lasted for the morning instead of the four weeks my family has seen, but it was snow nevertheless. Our one inch was the first snow ever experienced by some of our students from Africa.

We won!! After a pretty long losing streak Higham United under 10's scored a 2-0 victory over Amington. The boys haven't had a training session all of January due to poor weather and/or pitch conditions. Last week's match was called off due to a form of a duck pond in the middle of the pitch. But the boys were determined today, and ran and passed and attacked like we've not seen before. Jonathan came home definately needing a bath!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Look out for the dogs

From Phil

Philippians 3:2 ‘Look out for the dogs...’

I should have taken more notice of this verse. Let me tell you a story...

For my birthday last year (June) Linda gave me a beautiful brown leather-bound red-lettered New Living Translation Bible. It has a zip around it so I could more easily travel with it in my hand luggage. I have grown to value and appreciate this version; it is a great read using poignant, contemporary English, and when interpretive, it seems to capture the meaning very well.

Recently we have invested in the i-pocket format in this version which is the scripture being read aloud in a format that can be downloaded onto a ipod. The other day, Linda and I were truly ministered to while listening to Leviticus during a jigsaw puzzle evening.

Back to my dogs story.

While in Chile last November I stayed with Mitch and Juliet, leaders of the YWAM facility where I was teaching, and I had the joy of sharing the house not only with the
m, their four children and Pete (my travelling companion), but also their dog!!!

Beware of the Dogs!!!

One morning, as became my custom, I sat outside, overlooking the beautiful South
Pacific ocean, reading the book of Job. Very appropriate!! I then put the new, leather-bound, Bible on a table, I went in side for another cup of coffee (a great help when reading and meditating) and got caught up in a conversation with my friend, Mitch. About half an hour later, I returned to find that the dog (was this what Philippians was talking about?) had decided he liked the smell of my Bible cover, and started with the maps for his breakfast! I trust that even if the Word was sweet to his mouth, it was not too bitter to his stomach!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Year-end puzzles

From Linda:

We had a great Christmas celebration. I was one of three asked to share a reflection on Christmas during our church Christmas Eve service. I talked about the "Wonder of Christmas" -- I wonder if I have done everything, did I spend too much, how will the dinner go ... But then we looked at John 3:16 & 17 in The Message about the true wonder that Jesus came to rescue and save us.

Our Christmas dinner included Phil's mum and sister and a couple from Central Asia (she is studying on the SBS and he is working with us). We asked about their Christmas traditions, but both were raised as Muslims and still now only one family member knows the Lord. Wow.

I decided our family needed a relaxing past time to do together so bought everyone a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas. Guess who is doing all the puzzles!! They have grabbed me in the same way as a good novel where it is so difficult to tear away and not want to rush back again. I wish I had found easier puzzles.

The first DTS student arrived yesterday. Elisa and I picked her up as we dropped a friend off at Birmingham Airport. The DTS and BCC (Bible Core Course) begin on Friday, the 5th, and the SBS resumes for the second term on Monday, 8th. We begin working again on the 4th, and have to go from standing still to full-throttle in 24 hours. This is especially significant for "The House" (my responsibility), all the domestic aspects that help people feel secure and clean and having full tummies ... like being at home.