Friday, July 03, 2015

June News Update
  • In May I had the joy of teaching our Lausanne Bible Core Course (who were in Jerusalem) the book of 1 &
    Family in Tunisia
    2 Kings.  I was actually in Nuneaton for this event but, thanks to the wonders of Skype, we had an excellent time together.  Their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn was a joy.
  • Our family had our first-ever package holiday in Tunisia beginning the end of May, and it was a wonderful! 10 days of sun, sand, rest and family fun.  We are so grateful to the Lord for this treat.  We fell in love with this land and it's people, and are so grieved by the attacks against it. 
  • We had the joy of a few days with Linda’s sister and brother-in-law visiting us.  This was their first visit in 20 years.  As always with such an event we got to spend time in some beautiful parts of England that normally Linda and I would not take the time to visit.  A brief but rich time.
  • Seminar participants in YWAM Toronto
    Last week I spent time with a Korean YWAM ministry in Toronto, Canada.  Mark Kim, the leader of the work there, was a SBS student at The King’s Lodge in 1990-91 and since that time has had the desire to lead a Bible school in Canada to serve the Korean diaspora there.  I led a staff training seminar, engaging with both Leviticus and Hebrews, and then moved to an intensive seminar for local church people introducing inductive Bible study and the book of Colossians.  In both seminars the joy expressed by the participants in the discovery of both the scriptures and new revelations of both our wonderful God and the person and work of Christ was a rich reward. 

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Brief News update, Easter 2015:

Now that we are more able to travel together as a couple we will spend Easter nestled in the Swiss Alps where Phil is teaching the first week of YWAM Lausanne’s Bible Core Course.  

Elisa has received her formal acceptance for the September 2015 SBS in Los Angeles.  She loves her job as a care assistant for disabled adults, and it is helping her save toward the tuition and travel costs ahead. 

Jonathan has celebrated his 18th birthday!  And passed his driving test! 

Our time at the University of the Nations gathering in Amsterdam was so helpful in learning more of what is happening in this global university, and building relationships with those who form the backbone of it.   Also it was helpful for Linda to gain more understanding of the new role she is moving into.

We replaced the 20+year-old kitchen countertop, and with a lick of paint it has transformed the room!  So glad we finally we finally did it after years of dreaming.  


Saturday, February 21, 2015

News Update February 2015

Jonathan is now with a 60-strong group of young people for a WildFire half-term outreach in London.  He loves these times, and find that he grows in confidence and maturity with each outreach.
Now a few weeks in, Elisa’s job as a care assistant for adults with special needs is working out really well.  The job suits her heart of mercy mixed with her initiative and enthusiasm to help people.  She takes them shopping, to pick up the children from school, or she might spend time at home with them cooking and cleaning.  It is more that full-time and she loves the idea of building savings toward her next big adventure.

Linda was invited into the English for Missions classroom to give the students conversation practice.  The first question from every pair was, “What do you do here?”  It is surprisingly hard to explain to a native English speaker!  Support and advising in the Personnel Office continues, and there are many more broader leadership tasks that she’s picking up.  Understanding more about Extension Studies now means that she can begin walking it through with new course leaders from around the world.

We’ll both attend International YWAM leaders’ meetings from 9-17 March in Amsterdam together, gathering with other leaders within YWAM’s training arm called the University of the Nations.  Jonathan’s 18th birthday comes the day after we return, and we can’t wait to celebrate our son’s big landmark day.

The class Phil is teaching this week in Honolulu this week, he travels to LA this weekend to teach the SBS class there.

 A cool, cloudy, wet day in Honolulu!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Visa Update

Celebrate with us!  On Tuesday we learned that YWAM England and Wales had their visa license restored!  We are back in the ‘A’ Grade category and able to issues visa sponsorship certificates again.  A massive thanks for the prayers and encouragements that we have received.  The gates are open again for the nations to come, serve in this needy nation, be trained and go back into the nations. The official communication can be found by clicking here.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Brief News Update January 23rd 2015

We have been very encouraged by the support we have received regarding our visa challenges.  This has included MPs, senior Christian leaders and many, many people both in the UK and abroad.  Our letter in response to the issues they raised has been very carefully written and is now with them for their consideration.

We have begun four training programmes this term: Term 2 of the SBS (24 students); English for Missions (EFM) English Language training with 14 students; Bible Core Course with 7 students; and a small arts seminar.  Most of the EFM students want to stay on with us for further training to prepare them for the mission field but everyone of them is dependent on receiving a visa.

Elisa continues to settle in well after returning from her DTS, and we are thrilled that she has been accepted for a post working with a Care Company called Skills for Living.  She begins as soon as her paperwork has been processed.  She is also considering her longer-term future.

We are enjoying more theological and philosophical discussions as a family as Jonathan engages with his college philosophy and sociology classes.  This is lots of fun and we are enjoying this very much.

Sunday, December 07, 2014

News Update December 2014

  (This was the first place I went when I joined YWAM in January 1983!)

Linda and I enjoyed greatly our brief but full time at our Lausanne campus in Switzerland.  The teaching of 1 and 2 Kings was well received with students making comments such as:

“Thank you so much Phil for all the stories you have brought to life and for giving me understanding of their importance.  It’s so exciting for me to read a book that I thought was stale and boring, with freshness and perspective…’’


“Phil, thank you so much for coming and teaching….  It really make me more passionate about the Old Testament.…"

After spending time with the Markus, the President of the University of the Nations, Linda as accepted the role as Extension Studies Registrar.  This will involve her working with YWAMers around the world as they develop and register their new courses.  She has a steep learning curve ahead!  The goal of the Extension Studies is to make the excellent training we have developed in YWAM available to the wider body of Christ.

Paul, the leader of a new ministry base in Washington State in the USA has contacted us indicating that he wants everyone on his campus to take the Online SBS (a small base of 11 people).  This is something we are keen to explore, where the whole community engages with Scripture together.

Elisa returns after her time away with the DTS.  She has had a wonderful time and I am sure has much to talk about.  She plans to look for work, and take time to pray and decide her next move.

As we approach Christmas and the new year, Linda and I want to thank you so much for your loving support over this past year.  We pray you will have a wonderful Christmas season as we all celebrate God’s ‘indescribable gift’ (2 Cor 9:15).  We look forward with anticipation for all that 2015 will hold.